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Restore-All can refinish your appliances to a beautiful new color without the need of costly replacements. Most of the time, there is nothing wrong with your existing appliance except for the color, which is easily solved with our refinishing process.



Refrigerators must be unplugged for at least 24 hours before we arrive. This prevents any condensation from building up on the outside and around the seal, which can ruin the new finish. All you have to do is fill a cooler with ice and put all your perishables inside. After the work is completed, the refrigerator must set for another 24 hours before it is plugged back in and used again.



We can also refinish your stove to a beautiful new color. However, our coatings cannot hold up to the high temperatures that are encountered with these appliances. The new finish can scorch and discolor around the burners and stove door. Therefore, we can not offer any warranty or guarantee that this will not occur.



If this appliance is in good working condition, we can refinish it to a beautiful new color, without the hassle of a costly and time consuming replacement.



We can refinish your kitchen and bathroom sinks to beautiful new finish in any color that you wish. We can also repair chips and scratches.

However, Restore-All does not offer a warranty on our refinished sinks. Most of the time, a bathroom sink can be replaced for less money than the cost to refinish it. Also, all refinishing coatings can not withstand the abuse that kitchen sinks can endure, such as dropped plates and utensils that can scratch and chip away at the new finish.

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