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Cabinet Refinishing

Our cabinet refinishing process is pretty straight forward. We first remove the doors,
drawers and hardware from the cabinets. Then, we refinish the cabinet boxes inside and out, unless you choose not to refinish the inside of the cabinets, which can save you some money. We then refinish the fronts and backs of the doors and drawers, unless you choose not to do the back of the doors, which saves you even more money. We use the same coating on your cabinets that we use on the tubs and countertops, which offers three different finishes; Matte, Satin or Gloss. After the finish has had time to cure, the doors and drawers are reinstalled using new hardware. We can supply the new hardware or you may purchase it yourself allowing you to have any hinges and knobs that you may desire.


Cabinet Refacing

Our cabinet refacing offers you the look of a brand new cabinet without the mess and high cost of replacing them.
We first remove the doors and drawer faces, using the same drawer boxes or installing new ones. Then we refinish the interior of the cabinet boxes (or not) using a color that closely matches the color of the new exterior finish. After the finish has had time to cure, we then laminate the exterior of the cabinet boxes, use a plastic laminate that matches the new doors, which you have chosen from our wide variety of wood species and finishes. After the cabinet boxes are finished we install the new doors and drawer faces (and new drawer boxes if needed) using new hardware that you have chosen. Your kitchen and bathroom cabinets will look brand new, for about half the price of new ones.






Manchester Elite






Scottsdale Maple




Wellington Elite



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