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Most countertops are made of high pressure plastic laminate, commonly referred to as Formica. First a very thin wood back is covered with a paper medium that has the printed pattern on it. It is then covered with a thin piece of clear plastic and heat pressed together. These laminates come in large sheets and are applied to a wooden substrate, making a post- formed countertop.


Once cured, each molecule of our countertop coating shares an area with the molecules around it. This is called “Crosslinking” and it produces one of the most durable finishes available. As you can see in the illustration below, the molecules are arranged in a specific pattern, and will not allow any penetration of foreign matter into our coating allowing it to expand and contract with the plastic laminate underneath it. The chemicals in our coatings actually melt the plastic laminate or “Crosslink” the materials together.


This unique aspect of our coating makes our refinished surfaces very resistant to wear and tear, and they test a full 40% more durable that the coatings used by most other refinishers in the country. We apply six different coating of our product in three separate applications. The first coat adheres exclusively to the plastic laminate. The second, third and fourth coatings adhere to the plastic laminate and to each other. The fifth and sixth coats adhere directly to the coating itself. The end result is our finish, which is second to none. We can refinish your kitchen and bathroom countertops (Ceramic Also) in any color that you desire or we can color match any sample that you supply. We offer faux granite finishes as well.

We will seamlessly repair any burns or knife cuts before refinishing the countertop. If some countertops are damaged beyond repair, we can replace only the needed section before we refinish the entire countertop.


New Countertops

We also install new kitchen and bathroom countertops. We exclusively use Wilsonart Brand countertops. You can choose your countertops by clicking the following link http://samples.wilsonartcontract.com
It will take 2-6 weeks to make your countertops and we will schedule the installation at your convenience.


NOTE: All items that are sitting on the countertop, on the floor, or in the kitchen sink should be removed and placed in another room before we arrive. This prevents any damage or contamination of your belongings.

Children and pets should not be present during the refinishing process. The odor and particulates of our coatings tend to hover and settle above or on the floor, which is the area that the little ones will breathe. We recommend avoiding the area to be refinished for at 4 hours after the job is completed and we will need your permission to leave a window open to air out the house.


Use and Care

The countertop should not be used for at least 48 hours after being refinished. All items such as toaster ovens and microwaves should be left off the countertop at this time. It is also recommended that a cutting board is used each time food is cut on the countertop.

The countertop should be cleaned with a non-abrasive cleaner, such as “Soft Scrub” or a weak solution of bleach water. A soft sponge should be used and no scratchy scrub pads, such as the combination sponge and green cleaning pad. If any staining occurs, simply apply “Soft Scrub” or weak solution of bleach water directly to the stain, letting it soak for 5-10 minutes before cleaning.

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